tire pressure gauge  
tire pressure gauge

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Made In U.S.A.

Available in 15, 60, and 100 PSI

tire pressure gauge


Tire Pressure Gauge Museum

A. Schrader & Sons
Manufactured for Goodyear
Patented 1909 and 1916


A Schrader and Son
30-170 psi
Patented 1909, 1916, 1922


A Schrader and Son
Ballon Tire Pressure Gauge
10-42 psi
Patented 1909, 1616, 1922, 1923


Schrader Solid Brass Gauge
4-50 psi


US Gauge
0-80 psi
Patented 1911, 1926


Do you know what the "tire pressure gauge" is used for?

This is a tire pressure guage and tire filling tool. The tool is designed to screw into the sparkplug port of your tractor and use the compression from the engine to fill the tire.


Cadillac LaSalle , by US Gauge


Ford Model A, by US Gauge
0-50 psi


Patent 1924


Firestone Tires, by A Schrader and Sons


Dill Mfg Co. Ballon Tire Gauge
Patent 1923 776


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